We all want our lives and relationships to be more fulfilling. And yet, trying to make that happen with our demanding lives where iPhones, Xboxes and iPods rule, we are somehow left feeling unsatisfied. Unfortunately for the technology giants who are vying for our resources, we are relational people created and wired internally to connect with other people, longing for love and a sense of belonging—none of which can be found in our current favorite gadget.

Finding meaningful connections, however, can be difficult. You would think we're equipped for that, after all, we were all born into families. A mom, dad, siblings, maybe. But those were simpler times ... relationships are no longer handed to us. What seemed simple then is not so simple now.

Our lives keep us pulled in all directions. We work—whether it’s as a fulltime mom or a corporate executive—and the pull, strain and stress on our lives makes connecting in any significant way to those we love almost impossible. Why, you may ask, are relationships so hard? And, why are they not working the way they are supposed to? Why are relationships failing and not filling? Why have they let me down? Why have I let them down?

Looking for Answers ...

If you are searching for the wisdom and skills to make your relationships work, Integrated Relationships can help you on your journey. God is an integrated being and we were all created in His image (Genesis 1:26). Just as a bridge will fall if there is a compromise in the integrity of it's makeup, so will our lives and relationships if there is a crack in our foundations. And, we all have cracks. As good as some of our relationships are, there are others that lack a lot to be desired. Most of us want the best life and relationships God has to offer but don't know where to turn to get them ... we can help!

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